Everything you need to know to enjoy the Albacete Fair


Do you know the Albacete Fair? ... No? Well, it's already taking you, friend. You don't know what is the Albacete Fair? Do not worry, I have already sacrificed myself for you, for many years, and I come to explain what it is and how to enjoy it to the fullest. The one who said that in Albacete there was nothing interesting is because my beloved land never passed through this in September.

What is the Albacete Fair?

Well, the Albacete Fair is, nothing more and nothing less, one of the best parties in Spain. So, how it sounds. They are celebrated in September in honor of the Virgin of the Plains, Patron saint of the city.

For ten days, the entire city takes to the streets and celebrates a fair that has nothing to envy to those that take place in Andalusia. For something it has been declared International party of touristic interest.

There's a little bit of everything: cultural activities (with large plays and free film screenings), concerts, sporting events, bullfights, heifers, craft fair, street parades, educational workshops for children and adults, caravans of old cars and motorcycles, gastronomic events ... And much, much party and little, little sleep.

When is the Albacete Fair celebrated?

Albacete Fair is celebrated between September 7 and 17 every year. Ten days in a row without a barracks. It is something that only the bravest can endure. I must admit that I have never achieved it, but some friend of mine from Albacete has achieved such a milestone and has earned the nickname "The Fair" for life.

Where is the Albacete Fair held?

Although the most obvious answer is that it is celebrated in Albacete, I prefer to be a little more specific. The Albacete Fair is held in the Fairgrounds. Built in 1783 (it has been held there since that year), and considered Cultural Interest property with monument category, it is popularly known as "The pan".

The reason for the name is found in the form of the enclosure. Inside "the pan" are "The round", Another name of alcurnia. And it is in the round - concentric circles inside the pan - where almost all the activities of the Albacete Fair take place.

In the rounds all kinds of audiences are mixed. You will find marching bars, craft stalls - where you can not miss, of course, the mythical cutlery Albacete - restaurants, cultural booths ...

On the promenade that leads to the main gate of the Fairground there is the fair for children and adults. Here you will find the “cacharros”, typical attractions of any fair in Spain.

What do you eat at the Albacete Fair?

Miguelitos de La Roda. Can not miss

Well, at the Albacete Fair you eat all that dish or food from La Mancha that is forceful for the body. Mostly, they are delicacies that usually clog the arteries and veins of your body. Ear, tail, various types of cheese, gazpacho manchego, gizzards, greasy sandwiches (do not forget to try the "chorimorci", a mixture of sausage and blood sausage that makes me drool to remember it) ... And for dessert: miguelitos from La Roda. In case you were hungry or with an unclogged artery at all.

As you can see, all very light and very healthy. But hey, you are at the Albacete Fair!… And the diets and the gym can wait until October. Or not?

What do you drink at the Albacete Fair?

Good, perhaps it would be more accurate to ask what is not drunk at the Albacete Fair. And it is that in the Albacete Fair I have tried practically everything.

At lunch with my friends We always start with beers, summer reds and bottles of red wine. So, to go pulling. We do not want anyone to point us and embarrass us, that this drink is a serious issue at the Feria de Albacete.

Then, with the desserts comes the tradition of merging - so that it sounds like haute cuisine - La Roda miguelitos with a few glasses of cider. It is a mixture that creates a mythical explosion in the mouth that stuns the senses (again the stupidity of haute cuisine in action).

After the desserts, another classic from the Albacete Fair arrives: The sweet wine cap. We take it this year at the most famous sweet wine stand, which is located just before the entrance to the Fairgrounds, on the right side if you look towards the entrance door. It is taken with a small wafer inside and is the prelude to copazos.

Because yes, friends, then come the typical drinks from any other party in the world. Ron, whiskey, gin tonics ... Whatever you like. Of course, without forgetting the mythical mojito, Another classic of the fair that is here protagonist as the last vestige of the summer that leaves.

Where do the Albacete Fair concerts take place?